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and Conference

For their 2015 trade show and conference, the NASF SUR/FIN Steering Committee wanted JMS Marketing to help increase the number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) among attendees, and promote "The Future of Surface Technology." Lacking sufficient access to a time machine, or even a functional Magic 8 Ball, I would need to convey that all technology advances hand-in-hand with surface finishing.

Stock wireframe diagrams of technology in development brought this idea to life with the added message that surface technology should be considered at the very beginning stages of the design process. By focusing my color palette to darker colors in the NASF brand, I was able to maintain the futuristic mood while tying SUR/FIN back to its parent organization. To attract OEM attendees from the aerospace and automotive industries, I created a subset of campaign elements including display ads and landing pages featuring content specific to those industries.

The resulting campaign and show graphics created a buzz on the show floor and helped drive a 15% increase in OEM registrations over the previous year. In response to the positive feedback, the SUR/FIN Committee decided to head back to the future; voting to continue using the same theme and graphic treatments for the 2016 trade show and conference as well!