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Exemplar Financial Network

An established financial planning company came to JMS Marketing needing to update their name and brand as part of a new partnership arrangement. While they needed to maintain ties to the past, the recession was in full swing and any changes could scare off customers if they saw it as a sign of instability.

After weighing multiple options for a new brand name, I presented "Exemplar Financial Network" as a way for the client to treat the rebrand as an opportunity to calm fears by reaffirming their core values of trust, integrity, and responsibility. Using some of their existing color palette to further ease the transition, I created a stepping stone logo to suggest strength and guidance in a way that also symbolized approachability.

The new Exemplar Financial Network weathered the storm, coming out of the recession stronger and well-branded within the community. In the time since the rebrand took effect, Exemplar has returned for multiple new projects including assistance applying the branding to a larger location and adapting the logo for a new business focused on financial planning for financial institutions.