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HR U Can Trust

HR U Can Trust was started to provide individuals and small companies with professional, affordable human resources assistance in a confidential environment. The web-based startup came to JMS Marketing looking for an approachable logo and a website that was easy to navigate—preferably incorporating shades of periwinkle.

Intersecting speech bubbles perform a dual role symbolizing both the conversations that are integral to human resources while also coming together to form a personnel folder. Adding a warm gold to the traditional beige folder complemented the coolness of the periwinkle for a color scheme that felt corporate, yet comfortable. The amount of information that needed to be portrayed and collected on the website made bringing the same look and feel to the web a challenge all its own. To accomplish this, I employed a very structured look with images featuring people asking provocative questions that would likely reflect the real-life problems that made clients seek outside assistance.

To maximize HR U Can Trust's reach on the web the site was designed to be responsive to all devices. As a result, clients could reach out in real time, whether from a desktop in the corner office, or a cell phone in the corner bathroom stall.