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National Association
for Surface Finishing

When four manufacturing organizations combined to form NASF, they sought to build strength in numbers and a more unified voice in the industry. However, a hodgepodge of marketing materials and temporary fixes made it difficult for a strong voice to emerge. Impressed with work JMS Marketing had just completed for one of their events, they sought our help in more effectively bringing their message to members and government officials.

Securing a budget for taking NASF's brand to its full potential meant we had to prove ourselves to their governing board first. I used a microsite geared toward building membership to show just what NASF could be in the public eye. Since one of their main goals was to show how integral surface technology is to American manufacturing, I used a modern red, white and blue color scheme and shined it up with some gradient effects to reflect the metal finishing industry. On the back end, I incorporated Google Analytics to help track what content proved most valuable to our audience.

The response was overwhelmingly positive; and over time that intitial microsite became the template for NASF's brand development online and in print.