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Tezze, LLC came to JMS Marketing with a plan to help frequent business travelers avoid many common travel hassles by having full-sized toiletries and other personal items shipped directly to their hotels. Tezze, had ideas about where they wanted to go, and liked the idea of incorporating a kangaroo into the mix, but needed assistance turning the dream into a reality.

With a play on words that connected travel, deliveries, and kangaroos "RooService" hopped its way to the front of the pack. The name inspired a logo featuring a clean door hanger shape that brings about feelings of stealing some well-needed personal time in a hotel room at the end of a long day of travel. The bright green color scheme strikes a balance by suggesting fast service, fit for someone who is constantly on the move.

The new brand identity went over well at RooService's debut trade show, helping to generate a spike in website traffic and press in travel blogs—including a nod to RooService's unique business card!